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Monday to Saturday
12pm - 3pm


Spanish Hasselback

fanned jacket potato, with chorizo, béchamel sauce and a side of padron peppers



like an omelette, spinach, tomatoes,
Gruyère & mature cheese
served warm, with salad


Warm Italian Salad

roasted carrots, red onion,
crispy chickpeas, feta,
sundried tomato, sourdough


Mushrooms on Toast (N/VE)

sauteed wild mushooms with pesto, feta, crispy kale & walnuts, all on sourdough toast
(can be vegan)


Chicken Stack

coronation chicken piled high on toasted sourdough, with cherry tomatoes, spring onion & black sesame


Lebanese Flatbread

pan-fried crispy pork strips, hummus,
crispy chickpeas, feta, yoghurt,
cucumber, coriander oil


Steak Burger

8oz burger, with cheese, salad, gherkin, relish & served with homemade chips




choose between;
coronation chicken, tuna mayo, sausage & chutney,
hummus & tomato.
All served with crisps & salad


Toasted Sourdough

choose between:
bacon brie & sundried tomato, Parma Ham & Mozzarella, Tuna melt, mediterranean veg.
All served with gherkin & crisps


Jacket Potato

choose your fillings:
tuna mayo
coronation chicken



Sharing Plates

We have 5 tapas dishes perfect for experiencing our evening offering.
Menu changes weekly. Serves 2ppl.


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